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Pasadena Bible Institute

100% Free Online Biblical and Pastoral Training

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Pasadena Bible Institute

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Pasadena Bible Institute offers all courses free of charge.  We do this so that you may have full access to a deeper understanding of the Bible, God's Word.  The Bible Institute awards diplomas and unit certificates of completion.  The Institute is sponsored by Pasadena Bible College.

If you want college credit, you can get your B.A. at Pasadena Bible College.  Pasadena Bible College is a non-profit 501c3, and all donations are fully deductible. 


Academic Benefits

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Even the best churches may not comprehensively cover bible history, people, and theology in a systematic way that gives you a solid spiritual foundation. Our Bible insitute focuses on scholarship integrated with faith, diversity and internationalization that gives you that foundation.

Each of our programs gives you a systematic overview of issues, people, and history. Our Bible institute programs are designed to take less than three years. For those that really excel, the process can take less than that.

What We Award

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The Bible Institute awards diplomas and unit certificates of completion.

Upon completion of a certificate program, we will award a certificate of completion, with transcripts, for $75.

Upon completion of a diploma program, we will award a diploma with transcripts, for $150.

In both cases, this helps us to defray the operating costs of the Institute.

Both Certificates of Completion, and Diplomas, require that we review your program of study, to verify accuracy.

Please note that we do not award bachelors degrees, as do four-year colleges.  Our certificates and diplomas are equivalent to high school level education.  Because we do not require study from a textbook, our institute is equivalent to an academy, rather than a four-year college.

Whether our diplomas and certificates of completion transfer to any college, is dependent upon the college in question. If this is your purpose, consult that college first.

You Set The Pace

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The Bible institute does not impose a schedule upon you. You choose a study program to complete and then you go at your own pace. There are no time constraints, but we recommend that you complete the program in a timely manner.

Why We Exist

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In order to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the world, Pasadena Bible College has established a Bible institute.

Training in our Bible institute is free, and allows you to participate in an online guided self-study program that will give you the knowledge and tools to serve.