5 Reasons To Sign Up with Pasadena Bible Institute

  1. Christian Education
  2. Free Tuition
  3. On-line Education
  4. Spiritual Goals
  5. And More

1. Christian Education

You will get an education rooted in a Christian perspective that will equip you to make a difference in our world.

2. FREE Tuition

Our mission is that all believers should be able to study the the WORD without being under a financial burden.

Therefore, if Work for Jesus Bible Institute has been helpful in your life, please consider a Donation to help fund this free online school.

3. On-line Education

The Institute affords you the opportunity for flexibility with classes offered online. Our classes are designed to fit your schedule.

4. Spiritual Goals

Our spiritual goal is to strengthen your relationship with God by studying God’s Word and through interaction with other students.

Therefore if these courses are valuable to you, please consider giving a Donation to help defray the expenses needed to operate and upgrade the school.

5. FAQ

Is Tuition Really Free

Yes! We do not charge for our courses. We do charge an administive fee of $150 when you are awarded a diploma. This fee keeps our web servers running. This is the only cost at our Institute.

When do Classes Start

You may start at any time. Simply read the "Getting Started Guide" on the main menu.

It details everything you need to know to start today.

I have more questions

Please use the Contact Form and submit your questions.